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    Since 2007 we have been working hard to transform the vehicle wrap industry. We believe that getting your vehicle decal’d up or completely wrapped should be an easy process. You should always feel confident in your wrap vendor and in control the entire time. 360 Wraps provides a service you can count on every time and trust to manage your vehicle branding for years to come. With over 100 years of vehicle advertising experience on staff, if we do not have the answer we absolutely know how to find it. 360 Wraps handles more vehicles each and every week than any other specialty vehicle wrap shop in town and we are standing by ready to show you the professionalism you deserve.

    Vehicle Wraps Los Angeles

    Is It Time to Add Vehicle Wraps to Your Life?

    Your car is in great shape, but you’re ready to change up its style in a way that makes sense for your needs. Have you ever considered the benefits of high-quality vehicle wraps in Los Angeles, California? A growing number of people are turning to this choice to get a great look for their car at a reasonable price. Here’s what you need to know about what wraps can and cannot do and what to expect from them.

    Understanding Repair Benefits

    When buying vehicle wraps for your cars, you may think that you can use the wrap to cover up body damage that may have developed on the car. This belief is one that many people experience and is a misconception that we have to actively fight against in many of our potential customers nearly every year.

    For example, you may be tempted to place a body wrap over a minor imperfection in your car, such as paint damage. Yes, it is true that you have covered up that damage. However, you have not fixed the problem – all you’ve done is wrap it up to preserve it for later instead of fixing it.

    The same thing is true of trying to cover up rust or other imperfections with a wrap. Yes, you may keep the rust from spreading as quickly – but the rust is still there. And it may get feed by other elements from inside of the car’s metal and spread further, causing damage that can be hard to manage otherwise.

    Is a Car Wrap an Attractive Look?

    People who may be more interested or inclined to paint their car may think that wraps are nowhere near as attractive. That is something that we have a hard time believing because we believe that vehicle wraps – properly installed – look as good as or even better than most paint jobs that we have seen.

    If you’ve ever seen what looked like an unattractive wrap on a car, we have a pretty good explanation for what you saw – shoddy workmanship. Some installers don’t take the time to add a wrap in the way that they should and let them become unattractive and unappealing after installation.

    And the same thing happens if car owners try to install wraps on their own without a good knowledge of how to do so. We’ve seen it happen dozens of times – a person thinks that they can handle the demand and ends up applying their wrap very poorly. That’s why we consider professional application so crucial.

    Should Wraps Be Swapped Out?

    In Los Angeles, lots of people interested in vehicle wraps think of them as a way of swapping out different looks whenever they want. This belief is one that we run into a lot and can be challenging to combat. That’s because wraps of this type are not necessarily as easy to take off and put on as a coat on your body.

    While it is possible to change your wrap whenever you want, we cannot say that you can “swap them” the way you might with a t-shirt throughout the day. That’s because wraps, once removed, cannot be put back on a car. As a result, you need to make sure you have a good reason to remove your wrap.

    For example, you may want to change the look of your car for a few years. Or you may have damage to a wrap that cannot be repaired. Whatever the case, you need to make sure that you understand that a removed wrap cannot be put back on your car and that you need to be very careful, here. For best results, always choose to remove a wrap when it makes the most sense, and pay attention to the replacement wrap quality.

    How Does Car Quality Affect a Wrap?

    Lastly, it is important for you to understand how the quality of your car and its exterior can affect vehicle wraps. Most of the time, this situation isn’t too challenging and shouldn’t make your life too difficult. However, there are situations in which body condition can affect the value of your wrap.

    First of all, dings and other imperfections in the metal of your car are not a good thing – they can affect the quality of the wrap on the car and make it uneven and unappealing. Remember how we said, early, that wraps cannot cover up damage? This situation is what we’re talking about here, and it is one that can be very frustrating and hard to handle if you aren’t sure what to expect.

    For example, you cannot place a wrap on a damaged part of your car and expect anything good to come out of it. All that will happen is that the wrap will adhere to the damaged areas and highlight them even further – which is sort of the opposite of what you were likely trying to achieve there, right? We think that this type of upgrade is something that you should take as seriously as possible, here.

    Creating a Look That Works

    So if you’re ready for high-quality vehicle wraps, reach out to the 360 Wraps crew in Los Angeles, California. Our professionals fully understand the different factors that can influence this decision and can make it easier for you to understand. We’ll do what we can to provide you with the help needed to manage this issue properly.

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