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    Since 2007 we have been working hard to transform the vehicle wrap industry. We believe that getting your vehicle decal’d up or completely wrapped should be an easy process. You should always feel confident in your wrap vendor and in control the entire time. 360 Wraps provides a service you can count on every time and trust to manage your vehicle branding for years to come. With over 100 years of vehicle advertising experience on staff, if we do not have the answer we absolutely know how to find it. 360 Wraps handles more vehicles each and every week than any other specialty vehicle wrap shop in town and we are standing by ready to show you the professionalism you deserve.

    Best Way to Wrap My Car In Los Angeles, California

    Over the years, you’ve probably seen hundreds if not thousands of vinyl-wrapped vehicles driving down the streets of Los Angeles, CA. “Should I wrap my car too?”, you thought, wondering about how long the trend will last. Well, we’re here to tell you that the trend is here to stay. Car wraps provide a myriad of commercial and esthetic benefits to any vehicle owner, which is why they have become such a popular option. Let’s try to outline just a few.

    Minimal Installation Time

    Painting a car can provide many benefits, such as a gorgeous color that looks more natural. However, application speed is a major advantage that wraps have over paint jobs. Though painting can sometimes be done in a matter of hours, it may also take several days or even weeks to finish up a detailed paint job.

    Contrast that with a wrap to get an idea of why they’re such a great option. So how long would it take to wrap my car, we hear you asking. Well, a car wrap rarely takes more than a few hours, or occasionally two to three days – when it comes to very complex wraps. You’ll rarely if ever have to wait longer than that for a wrap to end up on your ride, meaning you can get back on on the road that much more quickly.

    And that’s what this process is all about. You want to get your car out on the road to show off its beautiful new style as quickly as possible. And who could blame you? Your vehicle is a considerable investment and is, in essence, a part of who you are as a person. By getting a wrap, you create a quick style that is hard to top and looks as gorgeous as possible as quickly as you can manage.

    Great for Those on a Budget

    Now, when you’re trying to change your car’s look and style and make it more appealing, you need to make sure that you match your budgetary needs in a way that makes sense for you. For example, you may only have a budget of $2,000 to update the look of your vehicle. And if that is all you have to spend, a paint job may be sadly outside of your ability to pay because it will be much more than that.

    Yes, you could indeed get a spray paint job done on a car pretty cheaply. But you don’t want to make the mistake of getting this type of low-quality work done on your vehicle. You’ll probably only make it look worse and end up costing yourself unnecessary cash. To contrast that, you’re now wondering, what kind of a budget would I be looking at if I choose to wrap my car?

    Put simply, your standard quality wrap costs no more than $1,000 to $2,000 to install. You will rarely want to pay top-dollar, however. Very solid wraps go for less than a grand. And even though these may be less sturdy or reliable than top-shelf wraps, they are still a way better option than low-cost paint jobs!

    Stops Degradation of Original Paint

    The original paint of your car is designed to match with its metal ideally and create a look that will last for years and years. And here’s something else that you may not realize – your car with its original paint job is worth more than one with a new paint job. You might anticipate that this would be the opposite, but you have to think about it from the perspective of a car collector.

    Typically, any car buyer is looking for a vehicle that is in prime condition and can last for years without needing upgrades. And they look to the OEM paint – the original type – as an indicator of the car’s overall value and overall strength. And when you replace the OEM paint with a new coat, you cut hundreds or even thousands of dollars off its value.

    And now you’re thinking about getting your car wrapped to get around this problem, assuring that it’ll stay beautiful for years? Good call! A vinyl wrap will not – we repeat, WILL NOT – damage the OEM paint on your vehicle. Rumors of that happening were originally based on very low-quality wraps. And get this: a wrap won’t void your lease agreement, but a new paint job might!

    Make Your Car Beautiful More Quickly

    Updating the look of a car is often a good choice for those who want to create unique, memorable, and hard-to-top styles. And painting a car does allow you to create some pretty engaging styles. But doesn’t there seem to be something a little…cheap looking about a paint job of this type? Kind of like it doesn’t look as good as you’d hope it would when you got it?

    The question “what design to use as I wrap my car”, at least in the Los Angeles area, has never had as many answers as it does today. Offering a much more beautiful style than paint jobs, wraps can also be more diverse in their look and overall design. You can add touches like chrome, leather, gloss, semi-gloss, and more. Though they are artificial in design, they still look great and add a gorgeous look to your vehicle.

    And you can also create customized styles that are unique to your vehicle and make it stand out. Many people use them to advertise businesses or simply make their car stand out from others. Don’t forget – you can also change your wrap if you get sick of one style and add a new one. This option is much harder to achieve with a new paint job and may not even be possible.

    Wrap With Us to Get Started

    So have we convinced you yet? Right now, are you saying to yourself, “Maybe I should wrap my car, it sounds like a great investment”… Or do we need to go on?

    If you’re based in Los Angeles, California, and are looking for a car wrap that’s hard to top, don’t hesitate to contact us at 360 Wraps right away. Our professional designers and technicians have decades of combined experience in the field, and stand ready to assist you!

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